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General hangs around London and Henley on Thames. Advertisements


A few snippets from this SS London fashion week. Went to the Ann Sofie Back show, Fred Butler, Craig Lawrence and a few parties, of course. Fred Butler Presentation at Somerset House Ann Sofie Back at BFC Tent, Somerset House B Store party

Tourist Sites

I’ve been to Stonehenge once before, but this time was absolutely swamped with tourists (to be expected!) so i clearly got distracted from the enormous rocks and focused on the people instead.

cloak n dagger

Who says halloween costumes are just for halloween… Nicole actually wore this out. I was impressed and weirded out that it didn’t look too bad on her. And here’s some pretty flowers too.


Just thought I’d snap a shot or two of matt’s amazing new hair colour before he runs off to New York for a month. Mini portrait’s are always fun.


I’ve been around Stone Henge, to Regents Park, to the roof of my flat…

CRUX exhibition 07.04.11

The first thursday of each month is host to an enormous amount of exhibition openings in East London. The one most recently past however held a special exhibition curated by Joseph Delaney titled Crux. A group exhibition took place in the Rag Factory just off Brick Lane in which the artists played on the idea … Continue reading

To the streets

First Thursday / Shoreditch.


I have a ridiculous amount of photos. My hoarding personality makes it way even into digital form, I have used nearly a terrabyte of storage, most of which is photos. So whilst sifting through them the other day I came across one I was surprised to find. At the end of the night in Berlin, … Continue reading